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Do You See the Giant?

Children's Picture Book
Everyone is a giant in their own little world.

Srividhya is an entrepreneur and writer. She always had a passion for storytelling and started to write when she was eleven.

Her early success came when one of her dramas got selected by the ‘All India Radio’. She spent years reading and writing stories, giving her characters a bright sparkle!

She is a chartered accountant and spent 15 years in corporate jobs. Later, she founded and managed a fashion e-commerce company, Pink Hippo.

She lives in Bengaluru with her family.

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I read the story "The Forest Trail" yesterday for my kids. They loved it. It is one of those rare books you get to read nowadays. It brings back childhood memories when the likes of Jungle book, Tinkle comics fueled our imagination. I am glad my children got a peek into this world too. Stories set in the backdrop of mountains, forests and villages with simple uncomplicated lives! Quick and enjoyable read for parents and kids!

Aditya Ramakrishnan,

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