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Do You See the Giant?
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Do You see the giant?

Children's Picture Book

Can anyone become a giant? YOU BET!

Everyone is a giant in their own little world. This picture book is a fun way to help children understand the concepts of comparing sizes with the help of animals and also learn about animals and their favorite foods.
A large and colorful book perfect for toddlers.


Rated 5 Stars by Readers' Favorite

An adorable book that will introduce children to animals by name, their sizes, and help them realize that everyone has their own place in this world, no matter what their size is.

Rated 5 Stars by Indies Today

Do You See the Giant? is a fun children’s book filled with vibrant and adorable illustrations. Perfect for the youngest of children, Lakshmanan’s endearing picture book is both educational and entertaining.

Rated 4 Stars by

The book is very cute and completely adorable. I’m sure young children will love it and hopefully, it will keep them entertained and educated too.

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