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Gugulu, The Little Bear Dares
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I'm so excited because my book once again is nominated for the 2022 Readers Choice Awards contest by TCK Publishing. Please vote for Gugulu. Go to page 11, scroll to find Gugulu and click to vote.

Gugulu, the little bear dares

Children's Picture Book - English

Go on a wild adventure with Gugulu, the sloth bear, as he takes on a journey deep inside the Western Ghats of India.

Gugulu’s parents won’t allow him to go to school alone. But he can’t wait to explore the forest on his own. So one day, he runs ahead of his parents. And before he knows it, he ends up in a river filled with danger - first a roaring leopard, then a gang of gaurs, but soon he shrinks in fear. Will naughty Gugulu be able to reunite with his parents?

Gugulu, The Little Bear Dares, is a quirky, funny, beautifully illustrated story about new experiences and courageously facing challenges when encountered.



Young sloth bear Gugulu goes against his parents and tries to head to school on his own. But when he’s faced with the dangers of the Indian forest, can he courageously find his way home? Gugulu embarks on an unexpected adventure — and learns an important lesson — in this adorably illustrated picture book!

YA Books Central

Gugulu's daring nature will engage young readers and make them curious about just what he might do next... The rhymes in the story make it more interesting to read, and the illustrations are beautifully endearing.

Readers Favorite

Gugulu, The Little Bear Dares by Srividhya Lakshmanan is a sweet story that teaches young children not to go off on their own. This story serves as a good lesson to show them that it is better to stay with their parents until it is safe. I think this is a lovely story accompanied by beautiful illustrations by Akansha Krishnan.

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