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The Delicious Shadow
Readers favorite

the delicious shadow

Children's Picture Book - English

Some want to become stars overnight doing nothing!

Stickle decides everything in a rush. She has a big dream, to become the most celebrated person in the forest. She thinks about ways to achieve her dream, but was lazy to work for it.

And came a day when her attitude changes . . .


Midwest Book Review,  D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer

Parents with kids who dream too big while wishing for those dreams to come to them easily will find many lessons provided in The Delicious Shadow during the course of an exploration of new ways of achievement and self-recognition.

Rated 5 Stars by Readers' Favorite

Stickle's character has been well sketched, and it is real and relatable to readers. The story also conveys a good message to readers; not to decide things in a hurry. The book can be used for read-aloud and storytelling sessions in classrooms by tutors and also by parents at home to encourage their children to find their passion without rushing.

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